Unleash the ALPHA!

Unleash the ALPHA!

Ultra-Potent Natural Hormone Optimizer-

Two years ago, Core TEST stormed onto the scene and quickly became known as “the best natural hormone support on the market.” Our extensive in house research and multiple blood analysis tests indicated significant rise in testosterone of up to 75% in 8 weeks.

Our subjects were extremely amazed at the strength and lean body mass gains, muscle density and hardness, libido boost, and sense of well-being they felt while taking Core TEST. Believe it or not, after a year of tweaking the formula, we have come up with an even more potent, all natural hormone balancing supplement designed to optimize lean muscle gains! Core Nutritionals is proud to present to you Core ALPHA (Core TEST v2)!

Testosterone is the ultimate muscle building hormone. You can work out until you drop, but your muscles won’t grow without sufficient levels of this anabolic hormone. So the more circulating “Test” you have, the greater the anabolic environment for increasing muscular size and strength. Taking steroids can powerfully boost testosterone levels, but some athletes choose not to go that route, and some people want to avoid the potentially harmful side effects of exogenous hormone use. But what if you could activate the endogenous mechanisms in your body that increase testosterone production naturally?

That is where Core ALPHA comes in. Core ALPHA is an all-natural, innovative product and its ingredient are backed by numerous clinical studies demonstrating promotion of luteinizing hormone (LH), dopamine, and natural testosterone levels along with the support of healthy growth hormone (GH) levels. Core ALPHA also includes powerful, all-natural DSHEA compliant anti-aromatase inhibitors, patented herbal extracts, and testosterone assisting agents to support elevated testosterone levels while controlling estrogen, prolactin, and cortisol.  As with all Core Nutritionals’ products, Core ALPHA’s ingredients are properly dosed and included in a non-proprietary blend formulation so you know exactly what you are supplementing.

Unleash your inner ALPHA male with the ultra-potent Core ALPHA! Ingredient unveil and full product write-up coming soon!

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