Whether it is finishing your last few reps, holding your poses on stage, or making time for your significant other each day, you should try to dominate aspect of your life.  It is easy to commit fully to one and one thing only, like bodybuilding for example.  We all know that bodybuilding can take up our entire lives if we let it.  Sometimes we focus so much about the gym, getting our meals times out, and getting enough sleep that we let the rest of the things in our lives suffer.  We forget that we have lives outside of bodybuilding, and forget that the world does not revolve around us, as much as we want to think it does.

I’m not saying that we should focus less on things like bodybuilding in order to make time for family, friends, and bouts of normalcy; instead, I am encouraging you to put maximal effort into whatever role you are fulfilling.  If you are a father, be the best dad you can be; If you are a student, study your butt off; If have a significant other, take time to appreciate them for who they are.  We can play more than one roll and still give 100% effort.  Why be so focused on the gym, when you can be focused on your kids, or finishing the paper that is due tomorrow.  The gym will still be there once you are done with your current task.  Learning to focus on the task at hand and being able to enjoy the moment will help us take our mind away from things that consume us.  When it is time to hit the gym, or step on stage, flip the switch.  When it is time to play with the kids, or go for a walk with your significant other, put thoughts of the gym and food in the back of your mind. 

Dominating every aspect is a phrase I do use for my clients however.  When it is time to hit the stage, we want to make sure everything is on point.  We flip that switch. We want our posing to be the best on stage, our tan to highlight our physique, and a properly cut suit to show off all the hard work we have put in over months of dieting.  Far too many competitors do a decent job dieting, but fail to dominate the stage.  They seem lost on stage not knowing how to pose properly, or even worse, only being able to hold a pose for a few seconds.  Why work so hard to prep for a show, and fail to display your best package.  After all, you only have a few minutes to make a lasting impression on the judges.  Months of dieting, and years of building muscle all come down to minutes on stage.  Be prepared! 

Everyone wants to dominate the stage, but why not dominate our lives?  Take pride in the roles that you are fulfilling, and try to dominate each and every one.  Be the best father/mother, boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife you can be.  Don’t let one aspect of your life hinder you from dominating all the others.  Learn to “flip the switch” when the time dictates.  Seek to dominate every aspect!

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