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What is the difference between a good competitor and a great competitor? Usually both competitors have a well-conditioned body and a great smile; but what makes one stand out over the other? The answer is the competitors stage presentation and posing. Posing is the difference between an athlete having the complete package or not. Posing allows for the competitor to show his or her body in the best possible way no matter if you are bikini, figure, or fitness. As someone that has actually competed in all 3 different categories and competed as a professional in two of those categories (figure and fitness), I feel my posing was a key factor in my success. Since then I have had the privilege to have coached over a hundred different clients from beginners entering in their first show to experienced Pros. I also have had the pleasure of judging many different competitions along the east coast of the United States. Here are some of my tips that will keep you in the minds of the judges even after you leave the stage.

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