Compete For the Right Reason

Compete For the Right Reason

Bodybuilding is an extreme sport; it uses both mental and physical capabilities each and every day. Getting ready for a show is hard work and it takes a lot of time and commitment. I don’t want people competing in bodybuilding competitions for the wrong reason only to end up disappointed after the shows are all over. If you are confused on whether you should compete or not I hope this blog post helps lead you into the right direction.

I see many people just starting in the gym and then wanting to do a competition because they see others doing it. They either want to make it in the fitness industry, become sponsored, or just want to be considered a fit person. I want to stop andremind you that to become known in the fitness industry or to become sponsored by a company doesn’t require you to compete in a bodybuilding competition. It also isn’t necessary in order to be considered fit and healthy.

In my opinion getting stage lean is actually the opposite of healthy in some ways. Bodybuilding consists of depleting yourself and getting to a low body fat percentage when getting ready for a show. So if you enjoy lifting weights, doing cardio, having tons of energy, and eating nutritious foods then do that! You can still be considered a fit and healthy person if you have some fat on you and are in a surplus of calories. If you love doing other actives outside of the gym like hiking, biking, swimming, etc. then do what you enjoy doing. If you are happy with how your body looks and how you feel then motivate others to do the same! Encourage those around you to live a healthy lifestyle.

If doing a bodybuilding competition is something you truly want to do then I say go for it! Sometimes the only way to discover what we are supposed to do with our lives is to try different things until we find what’s right for us. Honestly I think its better to try and fail than to never try at all. I stepped out and was not afraid of making a wrong choice, and I’m extremely happy that I followed my heart into doing a competition. The reason why I compete is because I love the challenge it gives me. I enjoy pushing myself beyond my limits and getting closer to a goal. I love the process of gaining muscle and losing fat.

I was a competitive track and cross county athlete before college. I loved the feeling of preparing for the meets. The day of the race was my favorite because I got to preform in front of many people and show off what I was working so hard towards. When I did my bikini competition those same feelings came back, but in a more intense way. Everything I did while prepping for my show counted; getting in all of my workouts, doing all of my cardio, and eating the correct macronutrients were all vital to my success. That’s why I believe bodybuilding is just as much of a mental sport as it is a physical one, because you really do push your body and mind to the extreme. I learned so much more about myself while I was in prep and I believe it has made me into a stronger person today. Besides that I like being in a fat loss stage and becoming shredded. Not to mention, show day is a blast and the best part is being up on stage in the spotlight.

If you were on the fence of wanting to do a bodybuilding competition I hope this helped you decide. Like I said, you can be successful in the fitness industry without having to do a bodybuilding competition, and if you are happy with yourself right now and like encouraging others to live a healthy lifestyle then don’t feel pressured into competing. But if you agreed with my reasons for enjoying competing and getting on stage, then you should definitely go ahead and give it a try. Just follow your heart and do what truly makes you happy.

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