2014 and You: Tips on How to Attack the New Year

2014 and You: Tips on How to Attack the New Year

Determine and write down the top 5 things that you want to accomplish this year. Have confidence in your ability to achieve what you want.

Make your goals and intentions realistic with consideration of your lifestyle. It may take longer to achieve what you want but it always can be done!

Don't listen to negative people or let them steer you off your course and most importantly make sure that negative person isn't yourself. In order to have successful outcomes you need to adjust your surroundings in other words eliminate the temptations that will cause you to not accomplish what you want. This can be anything from negative influences like people to junk food in the house. Either way don't keep them around. 

Make a promise (to yourself) to follow through on what you want to accomplish no matter what. Write it down on a bright stick it note and put it in a place you see everyday. Like the Fridge or on your cars glove compartment. 

Make sure what you want is for only you and no one else. And most importantly going to be a positive aspect to your life.

Create an action plan- find out information, research topics, ask knowledgeable people, or find a mentor that you can trust. 

Make a list- write out daily tasks you need to do everyday to allow you accomplish your goals. Don't let the list overwhelm you or intimidate you. Just pick a couple important things that need to happen on a daily basis.

Some examples are:

Get 7-8 hours sleep every night

Pick a day out of the current week to go to a yoga class to meditate and relieve stress 3. call a friend to catch up and see how they are doing.

Be flexible- if something comes up to disrupt your plan work around it and make it happen in a different way if need be. Do this immediately after a set back to continue back on track.  Don't let one day of missing what you wanted to do turn to three or four days.

The "all or nothing" approach helps NO ONE. Period. Put it in the past and move forward. 

Accept that it will be hard work but worth it. Be persistent and understand you have the ability to dig deep and overcome any obstacles that come up. You know you've been there in your life. When you pushed it out and did things that you didn't think wee Possible.  Know you have it in you! 

This kind goes with tip above but its THAT important LOL. Accept that there will be set backs and its OK. Take the opportunity to Learn about your self instead. Write in a journal what triggers your habits and how can you better plan to avoid these triggers. It is never failure unless you actually give up completely. 

Be prepared each and every day- set yourself up for success by being prepared and having everything ready. The day before take a look at your schedule figure out what you need to do and what things you need to have packed and ready to go for a successful day. Whether it's packing sneakers and gym clothes in your bag, setting the alarm an hour earlier, or just defrosting a couple pieces of frozen chicken. 

Set milestones for yourself- and reward yourself with a system of (non-food) rewards. 

Help others- help friends, family, or followed on things you discover, whether it be your findings, things that work, and things that don't work. Help others succeed by believing in yourself and in them.

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