Prepared to Prep

Prepared to Prep

So it Begins

As mentioned in my first post, the primary purpose of this blog is to be as open as possible in documenting my contest prep over the next few months. Although the competitive fitness industry is growing like crazy, I think there is an overall lack of knowledge about what it truly takes to be a competitive athlete.

Many females in particular are uncomfortable sharing the details of their contest prep and the extreme measures they have to take their bodies to. I hope my openness during this time helps break that barrier and allows others to better understand what all goes into preparation for a figure show.

Starting Point and Background Information

I started dieting in June, with the goal of being ready for shows in late September and early October. However, July was a month full of surprises and with that came a few bumps in the road. After being flooded out of my apartment during finals week and forced to move with a week’s notice, contest prep got pushed back as life situations took precedent. Although I kept training a priority, I took a few weeks off from intense dieting in order to maintain my mental health. Moving into August, life finally started to settle down. With that came the decision to get aggressive with my prep and push through the next few months in order to step on stage this fall.

Current Weight and Macronutrients

I know many females are uncomfortable sharing their weight, but it is a very easy measure to monitor and share throughout my prep. Like the majority of females, my weight fluctuates anywhere from 1-3 pounds on a given day. Early on in my diet, I made it a goal to disconnect any type of emotions from whatever the scale says. That being said, there are still days I step on the scale and get thrown off by the number I see.

I’ve learned that rather than wasting my time and energy overthinking each individual weigh-in, it’s more important to monitor weekly trends. To gauge my progress I record my daily weights and average them out at the end of the week. More often than not there is a downward trend, but there are still periods of time my weight stays stagnant. As frustrating as this can be, I try to remain as objective as possible and remind myself that losing body fat is never a linear process.  

Before providing any numbers I will say that my body gets very comfortable at certain weights.  In order to push past these points (whether that be in my offseason or while dieting) I’ve found that I have to get quite aggressive when adjusting calories.

At the height of my offseason I was sitting comfortably between 141-143 lbs. The lowest weight I reached prior to everything happening in July was 137.3 lbs. I did not weigh myself the first week of August (because I knew the scale would be up) and hoped my weight would level out throughout the week. Below are the changes that have taken place since.

Date Weight Macronutrients
  • July 31st
  • -
  • 150P/100C/45F
  • August 7th
  • 137.0
  • 150P/88C/42F
  • August 14th
  • 136.0
  • 150P/78C/36F

Training and Cardio

I use a dynamic training approach and train 5-6 times per week. My sessions are broken down into push/pull/legs, which I will discuss further in future blogs! As of right now I am doing steady state cardio 3x/week burning ~350 kcals each session.

Upcoming Blogs

As the weeks go on I will get more specific in terms of outlining my diet and training, as well as how I’m feeling each week. I’m fully ready to embrace all the changes that will be taking place over the next few months and look forward to sharing my journey with everyone!

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