Core Commodities Available Now!

Core Commodities Available Now!

We have all heard these questions, or asked them, at some point in our lifetime of training: What is the best single ingredient supplement? What is the best product for muscle gain (or any other health and fitness goal)? That means we have all either given a response, or received one, that was likely based on little else other than personal preference and a touch of laziness. “Take this; it’s what I take.”

As a prominent professional natural bodybuilder and CEO of a supplement company, Doug Miller has heard these questions too. Unlike most of us, however, he decided to do something about it. Doug and his team spent a significant amount of time speaking with suppliers, manufacturers, and those “in the know,” to answer those pesky questions – what makes X brand of BCAA better? Why is this beta-alanine better than that one? The result of his work is Core Nutritionals’ new commodity line: Core Commodities™.

Need agmatine sulfate, and nothing else, at a specific serving size? We’ve got that. Looking for an HMB or unflavored BCAA powder to add to your favorite pre-workout concoction? We’ve got that too. But most of all, we have an entire lineup of premium, single-ingredient supplements that are best in class for their specific goals, manufactured at the highest levels of purity and available at ultra-affordable prices. Suddenly, answering the question, “Which creatine should I take?” has gotten a whole lot easier! Check out the new Core Commodities line today! And best thing about this line of products is that they stack perfectly with Core Nutritionals Premium Series™ of products you all know and love! Make sure to subscribe to our member newsletter to receive notice of the coming Core Commodities launch promotion that contains special introductory pricing and FREE Core Nutritionals gear!

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