You vs. You

You vs. You

Competition season has begun and as your show gets closer I want to remind you why you are actually competing.

Competing in a bodybuilding competition is more than just winning. It’s more than a placing. Competing is about becoming your best self and accomplishing a set goal. The only competition in this sport year after year is you.There is no perfect physique and there’s always room for improvement; and that’s what’s so great about bodybuilding. We are constantly trying to improve from our last best selves; whether it’s building up a certain muscle group or coming in leaner next time around.

I see plenty of people upset when they don’t place wellor don’t get first call outs at their show. As a competitor, I understand how easy it is to be upset after not placing well after months and years of hard work.It can be easy to pick apart and look at the negative aspects when comparing yourself to others. Especially in bodybuilding it’s very tough because you are being judged and compared to the other athletesall around you.

Don’t get trapped in this negative mindset!Remind yourself that you are confident and strong.On show day you should be nothing but proud. The reason you did this competition was for you and no one else. The entire journey to the stage is a huge learning experience. One gains much knowledge on how their body works and how to overcome challenges along the way.  Remember to focus on you the entire time and not what others are doing. The placing shouldn’t matter to you; all that matters is being proud and feeling accomplished. Show day shouldn’t be the only day you look forward to when preparing for a show. You should be enjoying the entire journey to the stage!

But hey, there’s nothing wrong with being competitive. If you are a competitive person and you came to win then that’s fine, but what I said still holds true. This thought process of you vs. you even applies to the top-level athletes. If you onlyfocus on beating yourself then you might actually do better. You will feel less stressed and zoned in on your goals, and not distracted by your surroundings and what everyone else is doing.Even if you’re number one in the world in your respective sport, you can always beat yourself!

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