There is No Such Thing as Procasination!

There is No Such Thing as Procasination!

There is No Such Thing as Procasination!

I was feeling out of breath, weighed down, my muscles were tighening up, and my blood pressure was rising. It felt like the world was crushing me. I didn’t like this feeling and I know something needed to changed. I was looking around at all the successful people around me and was wondering if they were feeling the same or how they were overcoming this.

Moving away from my family in Florida and coming out to Colordo has been a huge wake up call for me.It has definitely been one of the must stressful times of my life. But something that has helped me get through my day is knowing what my priorites are. We all have the same hours in the day. Are you choosing your time wisly? Time management is huge for me right now, especailly since I am full time college student, have a part time job, and work out five times per week.

What has helped me the most is planing out my day the night before and writing to-do lists. I look at my scheadule and see when can I get my workout in? Study for an upcoming test? Do an homework assingment? Go to work? It only takes a second to plan, but wow it sure makes me less stressed the next day. Yes, I may have to wake up earlier on some days, but im never wasting precious time.

I also make sure im putting in 100% in everything that im doing. If im going to wake up early to get in my workout I’m going to make it count! Im going to make every rep worth it because I woke up early for this. While my compeition is out there sleeping in, I’m putting in the work to be the best I can be. This goes for everything in life. Putyour all into everything you set your mind to. If you want to stay in the game you need to get out of your confort zone…nothing is just handed to you.

I listen to a lot of Eric Thomas, who is a motivational speaker, and something thathe once said that caught my intrest is if you are someone that procarisnatiates then your priorites are not in order. There is no such thing as procastination. An example he used is if I told you, you would receieve 2 million dollars if you were to meet me at a certaint location early in the morning you would be there because that is important to you. They key message here is procasination is not a word, you choose what is imporant and not imporatnt in your life. Right now what’s important to me is getting my college degree, becoming a Bikini Pro, and helping as many people as I can with their fitness goals along the way. What are yours?

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