The Champion Mindset

The Champion Mindset

“Champions aren’t made in the gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside of them – a desire, a dream, a vision.” - Muhammad Ali.

In my last blog postI brought up the words “champion mindset” and today I want to talk about what that means to me. I believe in the Law of Attraction, meaning what we place our focus on has a huge impact on what occurs in our lives. If you think negative all the time then you are going to attract negative people and have negative experiences. But if you are someone who constantly thinks positive thoughts,thenpositive things will come your way. I believe keeping the Law of Attraction in mind can be greatly beneficial for reaching any goal we have.

Who do you look up to? What characteristics do you value most in this person? Maybe it’s their confidence, their skill or their commitment.I look up to many people in the fitness industry; coaches, professional athletes, Olympians and friends. Seeing these people achieving their goals does make me a little jealous at times. But I have to remember that we are all people, and we all have the ability to achieve greatness.We all start from somewhere and we have to remember that success is not just handed to us. All of the people that I admire started at the bottom and they had to work extremely hard to get to the top. I’m learning to stay patient, and not to get upset when things don’t happen immediately. No matter which person it is that I look up to, they all had this champion mindset even at the very beginning of their career, and carried it with them every step of the way as they set and reached more and more news goals.

What is your dream goal? Create a vivid picture in your head; big enough to give you that rush of adrenaline in your body. Something that I do is visualizing myself accomplishing my dreams. I envision my dreams as if through my owneyes (first person point of view). I picture myself walking down the aisle in my cap and gown and receiving my diploma, in Health and Exercise Science. I visualize myself helping others achieve their fitness goals and seeing huge smiles on their faces. I also imagine my name beingannounced as the newest bikini pro. It may seem silly, but visually seeing yourself achieving your dreams and enjoying that feeling really helps keep the fire burning and progress coming. That physical feeling of happiness and excitement will give you that extra boost to keep pushing yourself hard everyday and not give up.

You should always know what your goals are and always have them in focus. But sometimes thinking of the big picture can be overwhelming, that’s why you need to be a champion every single day. Be a champion of the day. Every day you need to make it count and accomplish a task. It could be as simple as doing a homework assignment, hitting your macronutrients, or completing a workout session;but by doing this you will be one step closer in accomplishing your goals.

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