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We view our dependence on one another not as a weakness, but a strength. That is, we are stronger together.

In a time of deep civil unrest, where Americans are pulled from and by nefarious sources to view one another as enemies, we resist. We commit to principles of fairness — fairness of treatment and fairness of opportunity. We commit to creating and maintaining a company that, for its small part, rejects the partisan conflagrations across the nation and world.

We encourage you to do the same. Being part of the Crush It Family means not simply accepting these principles, but embodying them. It, too, means being stronger tougher.

Our Stronger Together Limited Release shirt supports that. All proceeds from sales will go towards the Greater Washington Community Foundation, a champion of thriving communities and catalyst for change through local philanthropic engagement, effective community investment, and civil leadership. It is a cause we feel deeply passionate about - strengthening our community and providing opportunities for others of all walks of life.