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What are the Crush-It-Tiers? The Crush-It-Tiers is our hierarchy of crush – the ladder that anyone invested enough will climb. As you grow us, we grow you. With every tier, the Crush-It-Ambassador will receive better rewards, new swag, more cash, and perhaps most importantly, better education and enrichment. As part of the Crush-It-Crew, you’ll learn to enhance your own business and your own life through educational seminars and videos. The best part is, all these rewards come in the natural course of using, and spreading knowledge about, your favorite products.

Think you’re in? Fill out this form, film a 60 second video telling us what Crush It means to you, and tell us which social channel you’ve uploaded it on. If we think you’re fit for the ambassador program, we’ll respond with all the sick details of the Crush-It-Tiers program.

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What Makes You Qualified

What Does "CRUSH IT" Mean to You?

To us, it means crushing every workout, every goal, and every facet of your life. It’s not just a slogan, but the very heart of our company culture. And if you embody that lifestyle, we want you to be part of our company.

All applications MUST include a video describing what CRUSH IT means to you. Applications without a video will NOT be eligible.